Established in 1996 ABC BRANDS is specialized in both upcoming French and American brands.
Throughout the years, with a cumulative knowledge of the fashion industry paired with an extensive network of relashionships with tastemakers and top retailers thoughout the world, the agency has successfully expended his clients distribution.
We continually monitore trends and discover future talents. By truly understanding brands we are working with we are able to channel our clients into focused markets.





Expanding brands in Europe and US


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European brands wanting to develop in America

We work hand in hand with europeen brands to find new customers in the US

With showrooms in Miami and New York,

we attend Agenda trade shows in Miami and Las Vegas.

American brands wanting to develop in Europe

We work hand in hand with american brands to find new customers in Europe

With showrooms in France, Spain, England, and Germany,

we attend trade shows such as Premium and Seek in Berlin, Capsule in Paris


Shops working with us to developp our brands